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Thessaloniki technical talk sessions.
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What is 0x375

0x375 (Thessaloniki Tech Talk Sessions) is an independent, non commercial, non vendor biased and loosely organized meeting of hackers centered in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. During 0x375, people meet to give presentations on technical topics ranging from simple administration procedures to advanced kernel exploitation techniques. Drinks, food and fun are an integral part of the meeting!

Submitting your work

0x375 is organized by the community for the community - help us keep it cool and alive by submitting your work! We (try to) frequently meet and arrange free-form talks in the field of IT security, but we are also open to technical subjects from other IT fields as well. For example, hardware hacks and phreaking tricks are also welcome. Want to present something? Drop us a mail and we will take care of the rest!

How often does 0x375 take place?

We organize 0x375 events whenever we have enough submissions, usually two or three times a year. Anouncements for upcoming events usually make it to various greek mailing lists like OWASP and LGU. We also maintain a mailing list for those who don't read either of two - mail us if you would like to get included. 0x375 is free and open for everyone. Due to our non-existent budget, we can't afford to rent convention centers, venues and so on. It is for this purpose that we are currently organizing the events in the Electrical Engineering Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (further suggestions are also welcome). There are no fixed meeting dates, so if you want to meet us and give a talk, just mail us an abstract.

When is the next one?

Shouldn't be long now. Target is sometime in May 2015 (we hope ;)

For questions or staying up to date follow us at @x05x37