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May 4, 2015 / Call for papers for 0x09

After quite some time of inactivity 0x375 is back for 0x09. The event’s place and exact time will be announced at a later date but should be expected within May 2015.

We welcome quality submissions for presentations on the theme of 0x375; The topic isn’t really set in stone. Be it security, coding, hardware, devops or knitting related. A presentation of a trendy vulnerability; a Bitcoin miner written in brainfuck; guiding military drones using your mother’s hairdryer or using AWS to create a network of spam bots that spam each other.

As long as revolves around tech and is interesting just go ahead and submit it.

It can be as hardcore as you’d like; We can handle it. You can check out the previous events to get an idea what we are interested in.

Just pick your poison and send us a mail.